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By Dean Weingarten


Last month, the FBI racked up to the highest number of NICS checks for any January on record: 2,545,802 million. A bit less than 1.9 million new firearms entered the market. Globally, the United States is home to the highest number of firearms on the planet, approaching 1.25 for every man woman and child in the United States. Where will it end? That depends on how you define “need” and “want” . . .

The United States advanced beyond “needs” a long time ago. Most “poor” people in the United States would be upper middle class in most of the rest of the world. People do not “need” central heating, air conditioning, television, cell phones or microwave ovens. In the U.S., such things are taken for granted. As a consumerist society, we divide our disposable income into things that we want, rather than things we need to survive.

Some firearms, for some people, some of the time, are a clear “need.” But most firearms, for most people, most of the time, are a “want.” Which works perfectly for the firearms industry.

As you know, firearms have many different, sometime overlapping categories of utility. In times of normal ammunition availability, a .22 rifle and …Read the Rest

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