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By Tom Knighton

One thing almost everyone seems to agree on is that new shooters need to get training and that even an experienced shooter can benefit from even more training. Training is one of those things you rarely get enough of.

Unfortunately, training varies in quality. For every elite training school out there, you get a few dozen Voda Consulting‘s floating around. So how can you tell who is worth a your time and who isn’t?

Over at Soldier Systems Daily, they posted something that’s been on my mind for a while, and that’s the need for a professional organization for tactical trainers.

Over the weekend, I shared a press release announcing the formation of the Firearms Trainers Association. The comments on that post here on SSD were as much questions about the program as complaints about its creation. However, on Facebook I saw a great deal of pushback.

Much of it was based on the personalities involved. Some, because the program hasn’t been fully disclosed. There were lots of concerns over the cost of the program as well as the idea that it was mandatory. I saw several people worried about the scope, pointing out that …Read the Rest

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