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By James England

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA — Stop it. Stop putting your gun in your back pocket and pretending that’s a safe practice. It’s not. And yet another concealed carrier had to figure that out the hard way when his Springfield Arms XDM .40-caliber handgun “discharged itself” while he was attending a children’s swim lesson at the University of Charleston.

During the swim lesson, children and parents immediately feared for their own lives when a dude’s gun went off.

via the Charleston Gazette-Mail

“This man was sitting not 2 feet away, and his gun went off,” Kay said, recalling what her daughter told her. “She said he had a huge hole in his pocket. Everyone was upset. It could have been a terrible tragedy for many people.”

Guns are prohibited on the University of Charleston’s campus, the Gazette-Mail reports. And Randy Ross, the director of public safety on campus said the man had a valid concealed carry permit.

What the heck, man?!

Seriously. Why do we have to continue pretending that this sort of action is in any way appropriate for both responsible concealed carry and the safety and well being of others?

The director of public safety even commented that if the man had just used a …Read the Rest

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