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By Dan Zimmerman


Anyone who’s attended an institution of higher learning has probably played beer pong at one point during their career. It’s something to do between classes and, of course, it’s an excuse to drink beer…as if the average 18-year-old really needs one. But for a suburban Chicago man, 27-year-old Manus Shannon, the game never really lost its appeal. Playing drinking games with a popped collar, he seems to be the type who longs for the good 0ld days and the ivy-covered walls of academe. And he seems to take his beer pong seriously, too . . .

As everyone who’s played the game knows, part of the fun is distracting your opponent when he’s shooting. And as the official rules of beer pong make perfectly clear, you can do a lot to throw off the other side, subject to a few limitations:

It’s probably been a while since Shannon Unfortunately for Shannon, distraction rule VI must have escaped his notice, because brandishing a handgun probably violates Cook County law.

Shannon, 27, was playing beer pong at a Fourth of July party in Roseland about 9:20 p.m. Saturday when he pulled out a 9mm semiautomatic gun, according to …read more

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