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By Jenn Jacques


Campus carry goes into effect August 1 in Texas and, one group of University of Houston faculty members are already working their peers into a tizzy.

A slide show was presented at a recent discussion regarding the Texas state law which will allow students (and faculty members) to legally conceal carry on school campuses statewide. The slideshow says, in part, that faculty may not want to “go there” to avoid creating a tense situation in their classroom, suggesting their law-abiding students may very well draw their weapon if they don’t like what they hear.

Funny, but most gun owners I know are much more rational than their anti-gun counterparts.

While warning other faculty members to avoid sensitive subjects, even drop certain topics from their curriculum altogether, one thing these frail faculty members fail to realize is that they encounter people who are concealed carrying handguns all the time and never know it.

Or perhaps this some epidemic in Texas that we’re not hearing about. Are people pulling guns on others for saying things they don’t like? I’ll have to look into that.

Meanwhile, the UH faculty senate, who prepared the slideshow, passed a resolution opposing the new …Read the Rest

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