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By John A. Heatherly

outdoor tablet

Do you like to read outdoors or use your tablet with outdoor apps? If so, this information is worth a look…

Ibtimes has more…

The iPad Mini 4, Apple’s most recent tablet release, has had its screen measured by display calibration experts DisplayMate, and the results are surprising. Those looking to buy the new device for some outdoor reading are in for a treat: The new device has a 2 percent rate of light reflectance, the lowest the company has ever seen on a mobile display.

By comparison, most tablets fall around the 5 percent to 6.5 percent range of reflectiveness. Even the iPad Air 2, which focused on achieving very low light reflectiveness, is rated at 2.5 percent. The Mini 4’s ultra-low rating means the screen is easier to read in sunlight, colors will appear less washed-out and ambient light will have a tiny effect on display accuracy.

“The era of low screen Reflectance has finally arrived — where visual display performance in real world ambient light viewing conditions is now a major competitive factor — something that all consumers will easily see and appreciate — both indoors and especially outdoors!” DisplayMate said.

Previous iPad Minis have had quite …read more

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