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By James England

DES MOINES, IOWA — One Iowa Senator wants to overturn existing Iowa state law that prohibits firearms on university campuses. According to the current law, any type of firearm is prohibited on state university grounds. If this bill passes and is signed into law, it will countermand that previous statement. Right now, the bill is in the Judiciary Committee where it will be reviewed before going to the Senate floor.

According to the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Jake Chapman, R-Adel, the concept of allowing law-abiding citizens to carry guns is nothing new.

via Iowa State Daily News

“This isn’t a new concept,” the senator said in an interview with The Gazette. “It takes a good guy with a firearm to stop a bad guy with a firearm, and unfortunately that’s the reality we live in today.”

Of course, proponents on the opposite side of the fence argue that allowing citizens to carry guns is dangerous and makes the campus unsafe.

“This would, without a doubt, make our campuses unsafe,” she said. “The University of Iowa has had a mass shooting before. We know firsthand the devastating effects of guns on campus.”

The devastating effects of guns on campus…

It is always surprising to encounter someone in …Read the Rest

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