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By Justin Stakes

Iowa gun control advocates frustrated over continued failures.
Iowa gun control advocates frustrated over continued failures.
Iowa Firearms Coalition
Iowa Firearms Coalition

Clive, IA -( If you’ve ever wondered if all those emails and phone calls we ask you to send actually make a difference, wonder no more.

Not only are we getting pro-Second Amendment laws passed here in Iowa, we’re blocking gun control bills and it’s making anti-gunners very frustrated. Of course, none of this is new news, but this week multiple media outlets verified what we’ve been saying for quite some time now.

Last week a host of gun control advocates voiced their frustration over their continued failure to advance their gun control agenda in Iowa. They even owned up to the fact that they’re losing ground in our state as IFC backed bills like ATV Carry and the legalization of suppressors are signed into law.

In short, all those emails, phone calls and campaign work you guys are doing is paying off. Not only are we passing pro-gun owner laws, we’re blocking gun control efforts in our state and it is making gun grabbers visibly frustrated.

BUT, despite their frustrations Iowa’s gun control advocates are not slowing down. They recently outlined their gun control priorities for the …Read the Rest

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