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By John Crump

Paul Oxley, Chairman Gun Owners SA

By John Crump

Interview with Paul Oxley, Chairman of Gun Owners SA (GOSA)

South Africa

Paul Oxley, Chairman Gun Owners SA

John: As I have written about in the past, gun rights are under attack in South Africa where it is considered a privilege and not a right. There seems to be a lot of people that think the government is trying to disarm the people to impose even more draconian laws. Do you buy into that, or is this just about guns?

Paul: There is no doubt that the South African government drank [the anti-gun] Kool-Aid years ago (way back in the 1980s… well before the current government). The ‘new’ South African government is merely the inheritor of the legacy of over-regulation and discrimination against law-abiding citizens. It seems that totalitarian governments move in lock-step, one with the other.

In the early days of the change of government in South Africa, the now-ruling ANC stated that once they came to power there would be no firearms in private hands in South Africa. Their plans haven’t worked out too well for them.

The facts are that there are now more private firearm owners owning more firearms than ever before in South Africa’s history.

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