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By Gregory Smith

Have you ever wanted to own a gun store? John and Rachael Young did with Fighting Sheep Dog, a gun store in Powell, Tennessee (14 minutes away from Knoxville), and knows for their Build-Your-Own-AR-15 Class.

When did you decided to open Fighting Sheepdog?

John, my husband, had wanted to open FSD for a while. Like, years. Almost a decade. He’s been in love with firearms since the first day his grandfather put a Winchester Model 10 in his hands. The process itself is another story. Because we started with a semi-home based business (an existing building on the property next to our house), the ATF was very thorough in wanting to know all about what we planned on doing. It seems a lot of folks will get the home-based FFL in order to get deals on guns for themselves and their buddies without ever planning on generating revenue or turning a profit. That is honestly a waste of the ATF’s time, so they wanted to make sure we were going to actually RUN a business.

How did you pick the name Fighting Sheepdog?

There’s a long and short answer! The long answer is <a class="colorbox" …Read the Rest

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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