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By James England

We’ve done a few articles relating to how we recommend interacting with police. It’s nothing new but in light of recent events, we’ve been asked to make one more and go into a bit more detail.

First off, I’m okay with drawing some ire on this — a police interaction isn’t the time to start preaching whatever political discourse is the flavor du jour. These men and women get up in the morning (or late at night) and have to deal with everything from the most villainous scum you can imagine to people just like yourself trying to get through the day.

The vast majority of police are upstanding, brave, and are willing to step into a hail of fire to protect an innocent.

So, prewarned: this isn’t going to be the article where we talk politics. It’s straight forward.

Police Want To Go Home At Night — Just Like You

Law enforcement is a job. And after the job is over, most of us in America get to hang up our aprons or work clothes and go on about our lives. Police officers can’t. When they see you, their first thought is usually, “how can I get through this safely and go home at …Read the Rest

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