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By Scott Gara

Innovation looms large in Texas and ZRODELTA
Deep in the heart of Texas lays a place so vast and remote you’d swear you were on the sub-Sahara plains of Africa, but the animals might have something to do with that too. Champion Ranch, operated by Joel Swan and Papa Joe, is home to over 40+ species of animals, many exotic and many which you won’t find anywhere else in the US. ZRODELTA and U.S. Optics were gracious enough to invite, along with a handful of other industry writers, to the ranch for a display of new guns and gear they’re rolling out in 2018.
Clint Walker, Director of Sales & Marketing for ZRODELTA, started the overview for the writers by going over the what’s new and what has made the company great to begin with. “We want to be innovative and change the way the industry operates” Walker said. This is clearly the case as ZRODELTA has unleashed a plethora of products that are both innovative and potentially disruptive to the industry.
Born for precision out of innovation
“ZRODELTA was born from the love of precision shooting,” Walker said, that rings true when you see their scope mounts. We got a chance to


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