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By Ammoland

The Gun Collective

The Gun Collective

USA – -( Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show where we CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today we are talking about a groundbreaking injunction issued by a California judge stopping a law that would have made it illegal to have mags over 10 rounds. Guys stick around, this is huge.

September will be here before you know it and I’m currently collecting signatures to be placed back on the ballot for the NRA Board of Directors in 2018. If you are a life member, an annual member for the past five years, or know someone who is, head on over to to find out how to push the NRA forward.

This past November, California voters approved a ballot initiative which, among other things, banned “large capacity” magazines. Since 2000, “large capacity” magazines and that means 10 rounds or more…have been banned in California. However, if an individual had possessed them prior to that law going into effect, they were allowed to keep them. The new law provided that the possession of such “large capacity” …Read the Rest

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