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By Pamela Jablonski


Florida state law 790.33 articulates, in short, that only the Florida State Legislature can and will regulate statewide laws encompassing anything firearms and ammunition related. This law is in place to ensure the state of Florida in its entirety remains consistent with governing gun laws. This safeguards law-abiding citizens from being prosecuted for crossing a county or municipality line and accidentally violating a local firearm law. Add to that the fact that misinformation or accidental ignorance can become an issue, when these laws can become extraneous and too numerous for the well-intended citizen to keep track of.

While Florida state law renders all local firearms laws moot, unfortunately, some local laws are still alive in certain municipalities and have remained in place because of an effort to exert some level of local autonomy. These municipalities are aware that these ordinances are illegal in the big picture, but refuse to erase them from their books.

The Florida state legislature further regulates penalties on anyone who chooses to obstruct the state laws by imposing their illegal ordinances.

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