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By Robert Farago

Courtesy TASER

We’re well aware that many people don’t want to carry a firearm. Fair enough. But that’s no reason not to carry a self-defense weapon of some kind: defensive cane, knife, mace, pepper spray or a TASER, for example. Technically speaking, the last item on that list is a “conducted electrical weapon” (CEW). Practically speaking, it has its limitations, the most significant of which relates to the fact that CEW’s were designed for law enforcement. Let me explain . . .

A police TASER administers a single five-second jolt per trigger squeeze. It’s enough to incapacitate just about anyone (stories of PCP-crazed villains notwithstanding). Five seconds are enough to allow an officer to apprehend a suspect after he’s been TASEd. It is not enough to allow a civilian to escape a bad guy with a single “shot.” So . . .

The new TASER Pulse [click here for a PDF of the specs] administers a 30-second charge. The company reckons that’s enough time to TASE a bad guy, put the gun down (while it’s still active), run like hell, call 911 and thank your lucky stars you had a TASER. Better yet, you can hit a target from 15 feet. You know…if …Read the Rest

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