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By Robert Farago


Gun control advocates dislike the term gun control. It’s too … honest. So Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-ballistic bully boys tried to rebrand their desire for civilian disarmament, renaming it “gun safety.” While MSNBC embraced the term like Chris Christie hugging Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the rest of the media, not so much. Gun safety sounded too much like, well, gun safety. So now we have “gun reform.” Which is equally silly. What is a reformed gun? A gun that WAS bad that’s now seen the light? A shape-shifting gun like the robot in the Terminator series? We need to reform our gun laws! No, not the ones we like. Which is, uh, all of them. In fact, we just need to add new ones, really. See the problem? So, Kenneth Cole . . .

The shoe designer (OK bags and other stuff, too) isn’t stupid. He knows that liberal political activism keeps him fresh in an industry where today’s hot shoes are tomorrow’s objects of scorn and derision. Being a liberal crusader freshens, elevates and protects Cole’s rep amongst the industry’s gatekeepers, which helps sales. #thehamptonslifestyleaintcheap. So he’s used a billboard and Twitter to proclaim his PC.

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