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By Dean Weingarten

My brother – Duane Weingarten – recounted an interesting incident with gear that had been hanging in a closet for 30 years:

Back in the late 70’s Revolvers and leather duty gear was the norm. When I took my first LEO job it was with a rural department with six road deputies. I brought Bianchi leather duty gear, which I wore until I left that department and moved onward and upwards to a 500 man state LE agency. The state agency supplied all the necessary gear that they thought an officer needed. I went from revolver to a semi auto. In the last few months I have been moving from a house I lived in for 34 plus years to another. I was packing one of closets up when I found my old duty belt . . .

Back in those days, there was less concern about liability, and one carried what one wanted. In the speed holder pouches were three Safariland comp two speed loaders. I carried HKS before that, the HKS are good tough and reliable loaders. I found them to be a bit slower than the comp twos. During my first police recruit school where I took top shot, …read more

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