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Here is the impressive T-Rex front rest from Rodzilla. In the world of front rests there have been many innovations over the past decade, but this front rest from Rodzilla really represents significant innovation. The T-Rex offers impressive capabilities that can truly take your shooting experience to the next level. Along with the T-Rex, Rodzilla also offers a lighter unit, the Raptor Front Rest, which is smaller and lighter for easier travel. The Raptor shares many of the advanced features of the T-Rex.

Review by F-Class John
At first glance the T-Rex may resemble some other coaxial front rests. The T-Rex has a joystick, three points of ground contact, and a platform for the rifle. But look closer and you’ll see this isn’t your typical rest. Designer/builder Rod Brakhage (the Rod in Rodzilla) has started from the ground up to create the most user-friendly, match-ready, modular front rest on the market. T-Rex MSRP ranges from $1995.00 to $2305.00 depending on options.

The T-Rex weighs just over 21 pounds — about the same as many mid-sized rests. However the T-Rex has a large footprint, rivaling the largest rests on the market. Rod tells us: “The T-Rex has a similar footprint to the SEB MAX…

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