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By Tom Knighton

Illinois doesn’t care about the rule of law. Its political leaders only care about the laws they like and screw the rest of them.

That’s the only thing an individual can really infer from the latest move coming from the state. You see, while Illinois has sanctuary cities in the state–some argue Illinois as a whole is a sanctuary–and have done nothing to combat that, Illinois lawmakers are aiming at counties that are taking a stand against gun control.

An Illinois lawmaker wants to make sure local governments don’t try to flout state gun laws, symbolically or otherwise.

The measure comes after dozens of Illinois counties last year passed largely symbolic “gun sanctuary” ordinances that promised not to enforce unconstitutional gun laws.

Freshman state Rep. Terra Costa Howard, D-Glen Ellyn, filed House Bill 3553, which prohibits local governments from passing any ordinance restricting enforcement of any state gun law.

Williamson County’s State’s Attorney recently said he wouldn’t charge otherwise law-abiding citizens for violating any possible statewide ban on certain guns. And 26 of Illinois’ 102 counties, mainly in rural areas of the state, passed nonbinding resolutions that either said they wouldn’t enforce unconstitutional gun laws or that they didn’t support specific bills …Read the Rest

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