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By Chris Eger

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker last month signed a gun dealer licensing law with the support of Chicago-area Dems and gun control advocates. Now, some shops are struggling to comply with often expensive mandates. (Photo: Pritzker’s office)
A controversial law enacting state-level gun dealer licensing in Illinois is reportedly forcing some shops, saddled with expensive new regulations, to close their doors.
The measure, signed by newly-installed Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat, had in the past been vetoed by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner as being “largely duplicative” with little likely impact on crime. Under its language, the law directs the state police to issue certifications to gun shops on a sliding fee — $300 for an FFL without a retail location, up to $40,000 for those with multiple ones — and requires such dealers to meet a series of new requirements including annual staff training, instituting a gun storage plan and allowing inspections by local law enforcement.
During the new law’s legislative process, firearms industry groups and gun rights organizations repeatedly argued that the plan could see gun shops unable to dig deep for additional fees and security “forced to close through oversight by anti-gun appointees or being priced out of business,” and in some


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