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By Bob Owens


Folks, do you want to do something monumentally stupid which can cause you to lose your rights, your freedom, and maybe even your life? Shove a loaded gun in your sock, take it into a prohibited area, then, when you’re surrounded by hundreds of other people, negligently pull the trigger as you try to scratch an itch.

Two people were hurt, one seriously, in an accidental shooting at Augusta High School’s graduation ceremony. Augusta police say a little before 2 p.m. Sunday, a man’s concealed gun accidentally discharged when he was in an area of bleachers at Hillier Stadium, where the outdoor commencement was held.

Police say a bullet from the gun wounded the man’s foot, then, either the bullet or shrapnel ricocheted about 50 feet and hit a woman in the lower leg as she was standing under the press box. This happened as people were filing into the football stadium for the graduation.

Police say the gun owner has a permit, and was carrying a small, semi-automatic gun in his sock. They say it was uncomfortable and he was adjusting the gun when it went off.

This moron will face the state charge of criminal use of a weapon/possession of …Read the Rest

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