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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Idaho: Bus Bans on Carrying Firearms is Being Defeated!
Idaho: Bus Bans on Carrying Firearms is Being Defeated!

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Idaho-( It was just a few weeks ago that citizens from several different cities told us about gun bans on Idaho buses in the Treasure Valley, Pocatello, and other cities.

Several of those bans have been defeated! The battles aren’t over yet though. We need your help — more on that in a second.

Some of you are familiar with our “Preemption Project” that we started several years ago. For those that aren’t, allow me to elaborate for a minute. You see, back in 2008, Idaho passed a law that forbade Idaho cities/counties from enacting ordinances regarding firearms that were stricter than the state law.

They call this “Preemption.”

It prevents a patchwork of gun laws from being implemented all over the state. It also prevents gun grabbing Mayors and Commissioners from infringing on the 2nd Amendment. Sometimes these municipalities test the wire.

They want to see if they can get away with banning guns and have no one challenge them. Of course, the ISAA is more than willing to challenge these bans.

To date, we have overturned over 50 gun bans or illegal ordinances in Idaho!

Most recently, …Read the Rest

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