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By Daniel Y

HUXWRX has a new blast deflector compatible with their muzzle devices. The Kaibosh redirects sound away from the shooter but does not act as a suppressor. This device is mounted on standard HUXWRX muzzle devices so it can fit easily on any gun with the appropriate flash hider or brake,More HUXWRX @ TFB: COMPATIBLE FLOW: HUXWRX Introduces the VENTUM 762 HUB Suppressor SILENCER SATURDAY #281: Let It Flow Through You – HUXWRX FLOW 762 Ti SILENCER SATURDAY #244: HUXWRX FLOW 556K Full Auto Range Tim SILENCER SATURDAY #239: Top 5 Initial Impressions – HUXWRX FLOW 556k SuppressorAn early version of the Kaibosh was so effective that the ATF deemed it a suppressor. This version is opened up so it is not a regulated item. The Kaibosh weighs 5.3 ounces and is constructed of 17-4 stainless steel. Unlike traditional steel manufacturing, where a block of steel is cut away to create the final item, the Kaibosh is made through additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing).The Kaibosh is a limited-run item, so if you want one you better hurry to snag it. Because

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