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By John A. Heatherly


Do you have problems with an invasive deer population? If so, some of the questions and answers below from News-Leader may help you out… The hunters in your area will be happy to help, as well!

If you’re a homeowner or landowner who doesn’t hunt, but is having problems with deer, the solution to your problems may lie in the hunting season that opens this week.

Missouri’s archery deer season opens Tuesday of this week (Sept. 15). As usual, this hunting opportunity consists of two segments that wrap around the November firearms season. The first part of the state’s archery season is Sept. 15-Nov. 13 and the second part is Nov. 25-Jan. 15. Technically, it’s the archery deer and turkey season because turkeys taken by archery methods are legal harvests during this season, too. However, when most people refer to “bow season,” they’re talking about archery deer hunting.

Hunters are reminded that they can pursue deer by archery methods within the city limits of Springfield as long follow the guidelines laid out in the city’s archery hunting ordinance that was approved last year. This means there will likely be some bow hunters looking for places to hunt deer within the city.

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Source:: Patriot Outdoor News

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