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By Jason Reid

15 years of keeping hunters safe.
15 years of keeping hunters safe.

DANVILLE, Ala. (June 6, 2016) – As crossbow hunting continues to gain popularity across the country, today Hunter Safety System announced the introduction of a new harness specifically designed to address the unique set of challenges that are associated with safely hunting with a crossbow from a treestand. The new HSS Crossbow Harness answers all those challenges in a stylish, comfortable and affordable harness.

Unlike traditional bows, crossbows have issues related to cocking the crossbow while hunting from an elevated position. When the crossbow is cocked, the treestand safety harnesses’ tether strap tends to fall in front of the hunter, which not only is frustrating but also can tangle with the crossbow and knock off or damage the scope. To eliminate this problem, HSS has added a Tether Stow Strap to the new Crossbow Harness that will safely secure the tether when cocking the bow.

Another feature of this new harness is the deep zippered pocket specifically designed to accommodate the cocking rope which if stowed in a backpack or regular harness pocket can easily get tangled with other gear or fall out of the stand. HSS has also equipped the new Crossbow Harness with a Range …Read the Rest

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