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By Nick Leghorn

H&R 300AAC courtesy Advanced Armament Corp

H&R Firearms, or H&R 1871, LLC, is a firearms manufacturer that was hoovered up by Freedom Group back in 2007. Like Marlin, H&R was a manufacturer of traditional firearms — things that Bernie Sanders might call “hunting rifles” and exempt from his assault weapons pogrom. Firearms like single-shot break-action rifles, prized for their light weight, simple design, and accuracy. Word comes that Freedom Group may now have successfully euthanized another American firearms manufacturer (again, like Marlin) but this time it appears to have been a business decision and not due to poor management and terrible quality control.

The video above is the latest in a string from people proclaiming the death of H&R through indirect observation. And they’re right — every store I can find is 100% sold out of H&R firearms with no end in sight for the break-action drought.

I reached out to Remington for comment, since they’re owner of the H&R brand. I gave them about 36 hours to respond, but haven’t heard so much as a peep — besides an automated acknowledgement that they got my email.

Freedom Group (and Remington in particular) have been in a bit of trouble over the last …Read the Rest

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