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By Taylor Thorne

There is no doubt concealed carrying as a woman can be difficult. We like to be fashionable, but that doesn’t always translate to functional. With the right holsters, handguns, and some know-how, however, you can conceal carry no problem.
Concealed carry is personal and will slightly differ for everyone based on body type, lifestyle, and clothing preference. There are three basic outfit categories to consider — professional/dress, casual and active.
While there are plenty of great holster options on the market, these are ones I prefer and recommend. For reference, I am 5-feet tall and weigh 100-pounds.
Professional/Dress Attire
Professional attire can be tough as bottoms often don’t come with belt loops and blouses are thin. For beltless pants or skirts, a belly band is a must. Micro adjustments can be made with a belly band allowing you to find the perfect position for concealment and drawing. Couple a belly band with a flowy top or outer layer, such as a blazer, for the best concealment. Bonus tip: Covertly untuck the corner of a blouse to make the draw easier.
If a loose or cover-up top isn’t an option and you’re sporting a skirt or shorter dress, opt for a thigh holster. Depending on the


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