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By Tactical Life

Members of the National Guard administer tests for COVID-19.

This new reality we all share is a strange one. Lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders leave Americans frustrated and scared. With government mandates ordering the closure of businesses deemed “non-essential,” many Americans are left out of work. Small businesses struggle to not go under. Yet, elsewhere, and often unseen, America’s Whole of Government Response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues.


Historic National Guard Response Activated to Combat COVID-19

America’s Whole of Government Response to COVID-19

But oftentimes, we just don’t see it. And that alone can make folks a little bit crazy, a little bit speculative. Even we have reported on the collection of prohibitions and infringement of our rights, the totality resembling a light version of martial law. But Martial Law isn’t here, at least not yet.

Instead, a conglomerate of U.S. federal agencies and military assets currently works together in an unprecedented fashion. The mission: Stop the spread of COVID-19, saving as many American lives as possible. And with several new model predictions reported recently, decreasing the prediction on American deaths, the Whole of Government response might just be working after all.

National Guard Leads the Way

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