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By GDC Staff

Zeroing a rifle is best accomplished with a rest. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
You’ve chosen your riflescope, and whether the rifle is a small caliber or a bigger bore centerfire, the process of zeroing the scope need not be a dreaded one. Even if you intend to shoot long distance, starting with a 100-yard zero is the basis for everything going forward. In fact, with these simple steps, getting that scope dialed in and punching out bullseyes at football field distances is quite simple.
Step 1: Know Your Riflescope
Range time is made much easier when you’re familiar with your riflescope. Take time to learn about the scope itself, as well as the type of reticle. Is it MOA or MIL? That will affect the units of measure to which the scope adjusts as you turn the turrets. How far you adjust depends upon the individual scope, though most clicks will equal one-quarter-inch at 100 yards on the more common civilian MOA riflescopes. Understanding your specific scope’s limits, measurements and functions will ultimately lead to a more efficient time at the range with less frustration.
Step 2: Mount and Level the Optic
Whether you do this at home or have the local gun shop mount your


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