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By G. Halek

If you’re like me, you opened your gun safe after the holidays and realized somebody’s gotta go. Looking through my pistol and rifle selection, I tried to gauge what I could part with and what was worth the most.

That Mosin Nagant from 1934? I picked it up for $120 back in 2008. Gunbroker offers me the same one for $375. But what’s the value I can actually get from it from either a gun shop or private sale?

If you’ve ever been stuck in this situation, I’m here with you to try to work through pricing in a used gun or sale.

Depreciation For Guns — “It Makes No Sense”

Cars depreciate value the second they go off the lot. However, if they survive long enough, they become valuable again. However, it takes a very long time before a 1992 Mercedes-Benz becomes worth its original purchase price. You may have to wait 100 years. It may also need to be kept in very decent condition in order to command that price.

A gun is a good. It is something you can hold in your hand and use for a purpose.

An antique can be a good but isn’t used as such.

An antique firearm, such as …Read the Rest

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