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By Dan Zimmerman


By James England via

A common question a lot of concealed carriers and gun owners ask is how many rounds are fired in a typical gunfight. This is such a broad question that the only way to begin to tackle it is by breaking it into pieces. Another big problem in trying to find the answer to this question is that statistics aren’t uniformly kept for all incidences involving self-defense. More specifically, it’s difficult to find reliable (read: independent) statistics on self-defense by law-abiding citizens and not law enforcement officers. That’s why we’re going to start with law enforcement. While the model for self-defense shootings for concealed carriers will be very different than law enforcement officers, law enforcement is likely the nearest correlation we have. Thankfully, the FBI tracks those stats . . .

Using Law Enforcement As A Model For Gunshots

As discussed, we’re going to examine this model to try to find out a rough number. Let’s stress that this is a rough number because in self-defense situations, it’s a matter of the courts to decide how many rounds and that would entail digging through hundreds of thousands of court cases and drawing stats from that …Read the Rest

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