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By Sara Tipton

Anti-gunners love to taunt gun owners with a simple question: why do you need so many guns? Sarcasm is not my go-to response; there’s no chance of a decent conversation if I immediately come back with sass. And I do love a decent conversation about guns. [Quick aside: I don’t consider my guns to be an “arsenal.” I have more than ten, less than 300 and not enough.] But when I’m asked to defend my guns with someone whose voice drips with condescension, it’s difficult not to respond in a manner matching their tone. I sometimes reply “Because I can never decide which gun goes with my shoes that day.” Or . . .

“It’s difficult being a woman. I can never make up my mind. I try and buy one of everything.” (Ironic sexism usually knocks them off track.) A Facebook “friend” recently asked me to explain the inexplicable fact that I own not one but two – TWO! – “weapons of war.” After all, “you can only shoot one at a time.” I responded “Wrong. I can shoot two at a time. But that only works in movies.” I’m not sure why she didn’t respond to my comment . …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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