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By Dan Zimmerman


The Badger Gun case probably sent shockwaves through the FFL community. While they enjoy liability protection on guns they sell through the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, that protection isn’t absolute. Sloppy or negligent practices can open them up to, well, what happened to Badger. The law firm of Williams Mullen has as group the specializes in advising firearms industry clients on how to protect themselves. But no matter the industry . . .

the key in avoiding potential liability when something bad happens is almost always the ability to demonstrate that a business not only had established policies and procedures in place, but trained its employees in how to comply with them . . .

The following is Williams Mullen’s wisdom on the matter (reprinted with permission).

Badger Guns Case Highlights Retailers’ Legal Risk and Need for Compliance and Training

By: Camden R. Webb & Charles E. “Chuck” James, Jr.

A Wisconsin gun shop, Badger Guns, has been held liable for almost $6 million for injuries to two police officers who were shot with a gun purchased at the shop. The jury’s verdict in the case, handed down on October …Read the Rest

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