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By Bob Owens

qit target

As human beings, we have a natural right to bear arms for our personal defense. That natural right to use deadly force comes with both legal and moral responsibilities.

The legal threshold for the concealed or open carry of a handgun is very low in most of the nation where “shall issue” or “constitutional carry” laws are in place. In “may issue” states, the laws are designed to impede carry as much as possible. None of these laws, however, really address competence at arms.

From a moral perspective, how competent should we be to carry a handgun, either openly or concealed? How good is “good enough?” That’s a question that a lot of people struggle with internally.

I’d make the argument that a passing score on the new FBI qualification course of fire serve as a decent proxy of adequate handgun manipulation skills and marksmanship for those of us who intend to carry a handgun (either openly or concealed).

The FBI Qualification Test

The current FBI qualification test is a timed 60-round test typically shot on a FBI-Modified QIT target. All strings are fired from the holster, as you aren’t walking around in public with a gun in your hands.

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