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By Lee Williams

(Photo illustration from licensed Shutterstock account).by Lee WilliamsHallelujah! The legacy media has finally started covering ATF’s unconstitutional war on the country’s gun dealers, which the pro-gun media has been denouncing and warning the public about for more than two years.The Wall Street Journal published a story Friday morning titled: “Hundreds of Gun Dealers Lose Licenses Under Biden Administration Crackdown.” Nine hours later, FOX News posted their take of the WSJ story titled: “Gun industry cries foul after hundreds of gun dealers lose licenses amid Biden administration crackdown.”This, friends, could be a very good thing.The more scrutiny the ATF receives, the more difficult it will be for them to continue violating our constitutional rights. But keep in mind that ATF officials are masters of hoodwinking and gaslighting the media and the public. Their responses to the WSJ and FOX show that ATF’s leadership are up to their old tricks. Clearly, they’re trying to downplay the significance of what they’ve already done, and what they continue to do every single day.Everchanging rulesIn an emailed statement to Fox News, ATF said it is merely following the law:“Federal Firearms Licensees are often our first line of defense against gun crime and are often a

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