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By Tom Knighton

California lawmakers hate so-called assault weapons. There’s just something about an evil black rifle that gets them riled up. It’s so bad that they have tried everything to essentially ban the weapons. Following the failed federal assault weapons ban, they have opted to focus on features that they believe define assault weapons.

Apparently, none of these people have heard of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

You see, in their zeal to eradicate AR-15 features their state, law-abiding Californians who want the rifles are finding creative ways to get around the law.


As Fox News reports:

At the heart of the legislation is the outlawing of the AR-15’s “bullet button” – already a feature not used in other states and designed to slow down the reloading process given that it requires a tool to be pushed on the ‘button’ to eject a spent magazine before being able to reload. By focusing on detachable magazines, California lawmakers were endeavoring to make it an even more laborious reloading process.

Marc Levine, a Democratic State Assembly member who was a huge backer of the new gun laws, told Fox News: “By closing the bullet button loophole, it is slowing down the reloading mechanism. Lawmakers will continue …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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