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If you’ve been in the concealed carry game for any length of time, you’ve probably been privy to a few conversations relating to gun belts and whether they’re worth the expense. Typically priced upwards of $50, these belts are touted as a necessary piece of gear in your concealed carry arsenal; but are these any better than what you grab off the shelf at your nearest clothing retailer or is all this buzz around belts just babble?


Gun belts are purpose driven tools in the gun owners tool bag, offering a means to better hold and secure gun and gear when on the move. A quality gun belt will improve concealed carry in a variety of ways.

Concealed carry is an activity that actively relies on muscle memory, so it stands to reason that an essential component is relegating gear to the same, consistent location. To efficiently draw and reholster without having to take eyes off target, the gun owner needs to rely on the fact that his/her gun is in the same spot. A good gun belt will do just that. A gun belt will ensure …Read the Rest

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