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By Bob Owens

A family-owned convenience store was the target of a trio of armed robbers Monday in Houston for the second time in just over two weeks.

The violent thugs stormed into the store and began pistol-whipping the men behind the counter. They didn’t apparently see the clerk on the floor, who drew his concealed weapon and started dispensing instant justice.

Police are investigating after a convenience store clerk shot two suspects during an attempted robbery in southwest Houston.

According to the Houston Police Department, as the getaway driver waited outside, three masked men stormed the Super K store off Beechnut and pistol-whipped a clerk. The owner’s brother was on dinner break near the cooler and saw the robbery unfold, so he grabbed his gun and opened fire, striking two suspects.

“Another guy, holding the door, hold a gun to me so I shoot them,” said Dien Tu, the man who fired his gun.

The incident was recorded on surveillance video.

All four suspects took off, but the two injured ones were dropped off outside an apartment complex in the 7500 block of Beechnut. They were taken to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital. Police say they don’t believe they survived.

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