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By gunwriter Folks get all wrapped up in the process of selecting ammo for their defensive handgun. Too many think very small incremental advantages will have a measurable impact on how well or fast a load will stop a bad guy. The truth is minute differences are just that and about the most practical way we can sort or classify defensive handgun loads is by basing them on an average. After testing hundreds of 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, and .45 AUTO loads I’ve been able to establish an average level of terminal performance. So when I’m selecting a load I opt for one that is better than average with regards to penetration and expansion. What is better than average? Any defensive handgun load that will penetrate deeper than 13.75 inches and expand to at least 0.58 inch in diameter is better than average. Hornady’s 220 grain Flex Tip Critical Duty load for the .45 AUTO is a perfect example of a better than average load, almost regardless of what it’s bullet has to pass through to get to the bad guy. …Read the Rest

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