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By G&A Staff


There are a lot of details that go into selecting a suitable self-defense tool. Reliability, ease of controls and accuracy are all important, but one that many overlook is hand-feel. The Honor Defense Honor Guard is a pistol that has no shortcomings in feel. Every person I’ve handed it to shares the same opinion.

The Honor Guard is a single-stack 9mm, with the short magazine holding seven rounds and the HonorGuard_2extended option holding eight. The frame is a polymer housing with a chassis inside. The chassis accepts all the working parts, and the shell only holds the magazine and provides our hands a place to be. There was a time when a magazine that didn’t hold nearly half a box of ammunition was considered lacking. Since then, we’ve found that comfort does have a place in daily carry, and a slim pistol (the Honor Guard is under an inch thick) is more likely to be carried.

The frame is extensively covered with texturing, and the non-slip treatment looks at first glance to be coarsely woven cloth. That’s the molded-in surface. Inside is a unitized chassis that holds all the working parts, and if you ever have to disassemble …Read the Rest

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