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By James England

SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA — When one homeowner walked out back into his home after going out into his yard, the last thing he expected was to find a knife-wielding transient standing in his living room. Thankfully, this California home owner keeps a gun on him.

According to NBC 4 Southern California, the intruder was standing in his living room, waving a large hunting knife and advancing towards him. The homeowner was able to get his gun and told the intruder to stand down. When the intruder continued to advance, he had no choice but to shoot him.

The intruder, Timothy Mackay, 37, was taken by police to a nearby hospital to be treated for a gunshot wound to his abdomen. He is expected to survive and will be charged with multiple crimes relating to the incident.

Even as Californians come under some of the most draconian gun laws in the country, homeowners are not taking any risks with ensuring that their homes are kept safe. It’s also another reason why we continually emphasize the importance of staying armed while at the home. Intruders can be extremely stealthy and do not always announce their presence when breaking in.

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