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By Salvatore

It is a sad state of affairs, but we live in a world where crime happens, not the least of which is a phenomena called home invasion. While violent crime has been down considerably for the last twenty plus years home invasions are one of the exceptions. There has actually been a measurable increase in home invasions over the past decade. A home invasion is characterized by the intentional entry of the structure while the occupants of the home are present and this is known to the invaders. This crime is significantly more deadly than your average burglary, which is usually an attempt by the criminal(s) to enter the home while they believe that nobody is there. One characteristic that is quite consistent among home invasions: they happen very quickly and with little if any warning to the home owner.

I am a proponent of home carry. I carry a gun at all times legally possible, including at home. I simply wear my gun all of my waking hours. However, there are days when I do not dress for the world to leave the house immediately and on such days home carry becomes more complicated than just wearing my carry gun …Read the Rest

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