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By Tactical-Life

New for 2016, Hogue Inc. has announced the newest tactical advantage for AR-15 and M16 shooters: The 15 Degree Vertical Grip.

Structurally crafted to be one of the most light weight grips of its type, and ergonomically engineered to be the most comfortable fit, the Hogue AR-15/M16 15 Degree Vertical Grip is a great choice for any tactical rifle aficionado.

Compared to the standard 30 degree angle grips for AR-15/M16, the 15 Degree Vertical Grip allows for a comfortable and more natural hand position when entering combat.

The stacking formation, often used by the military in close quarter combat, requires the rifle to be square with the chest and for the elbows to be tight to the body, forcing the hand into a sharper angle. The Hogue vertical grip naturally meets the hand exactly in the proper position, making grip comfort effortless for the shooter.

The grip also fits into one of the lightest weight classes on the market, weighing in at a mere 2.4 ounces. It was strategically designed with a hollow center for maximum weight efficiency and is composed of the highest quality G10 material available.

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