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By John Farnam

John Farnam Hog Hunting Success 2018


John Farnam Hog Hunting Success 2018

Ft Collins, CO –-( Recently, at Shawnee Ridge in OH, I used my FS/7.62×51 (POF Revolution Rifle with folding stock, Vortex optic, and assorted other gear of my specification upgrades) to shoot a wild pig (150lbs) and a female Fallow Deer (100 lbs).

Range to both animals was 50m.

Ammunition was 150gr Barnes Vor-TX (all copper, except for the plastic ballistic tip). This ammunition runs flawlessly through the FS/7.62×51 rifle.

Only one shot was necessary for each animal. Both bullets went through-and-through and were not recovered. Both animals were broadside when hit, and the mortal terminal effect was instantaneous in both cases. The FS/7.62×51 is an extraordinarily lethal machine, and handy to travel with. The Robinson Arms XCR/M version of the FS/7.62×51 is now available also and equally deadly.

I’ll be using it next time.

Vicki used her Robar Poly-Mar AR (VLF Special) to shoot a Hawaiian Goat (150lbs).

The range was 65m, but uphill. The animal was broadside when hit. She used Cor-Bon 62gr DPX (all copper, Barnes bullet). When hit with the first round, the animal abruptly changed directions. The second round hit him three seconds later (in his other side). He took two …Read the Rest

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