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By Jenn Jacques


Grandma Clinton has chosen the Kaine that will assist her in the trampling of our gun rights.

In a statement following the attack on Baton Rouge police which claimed the lives of three officers, Kaine said, “I am deeply troubled that it is so easy for people who plan these crimes – and other mass shootings – to obtain the murderous weaponry that allow them to carry out such cold-blooded attacks.”

After Hillary announced Kaine as her choice for VP, the endorsements started rolling in.

But you know what they say, ‘you are the company you keep’.

In a statement released this weekend, Everytown President John Fienblatt said, “With a Clinton-Kaine ticket, it’s clear that the political calculus has changed: Candidates are now running on a platform of gun safety and bucking the NRA, from the presidential ticket on down. Voters have a clear choice in November if they want to elect leaders who will fight gun violence: They are Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.”


— Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) July 23, 2016

. @timkaine has a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood and an “F” from the NRA…my kind of report card!

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