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By Patrick Roberts

U.S.A.-( With 10mm seeming to become more and more popular every year with a small portion of the shooting community it was only a matter of time before Hi-Point launched a long gun in the caliber. The Hi-Point 10mm Carbine is more or less just there standard carbine that has been chambered and spring for 10mm. It shares all of the same features as the inexpensive carbines that we have enjoyed for years and have come to know as pretty dang reliable, but ultimately kinda ugly.

While it may not be the sexiest firearm on the planet, it goes bang every time that you pull the trigger.

Armscor ammo shot extremely well in the Hi-Point 10mm Carbine.

Note: Total ammunition shot through this rifle was 600 rounds of 10mm. The breakdown of the ammo used is as follows, 200 rounds Remington UMC 180-Grain FMJ, 300 rounds Armscor 180-Grain FMJ, and 100 rounds Sellier & Bellot 180-Grain JHP.

Features & First Impressions

The Hi-Point 10mm Carbine also called the Hi-Point 1095TS weighs in at 7 pounds unloaded and has a pretty handy overall length of 32″ with a 17.5″ barrel. The model that I received for …Read the Rest

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