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By Brandon Curtis

By David Easley via USA Carry

Gun safety and firearm control are controversial topics of discussion, but something that we can no longer look away from. The American culture of gun violence has spawned several incidents of shootings where one or several innocent victims have lost their lives.

It is highly debatable whether we need to impart gun education in schools. Since kids require parental consent and approval to sign up for such classes, many such education initiatives have run into roadblocks while being implemented.

Irresponsible use of guns has lead to a large number of deaths. In 2015, on an average rate, 37 Americans were killed by guns every day. On an average, a toddler shot someone about once a week and 19 toddlers have shot and killed themselves in 2015.

It is important that we keep our guns away, safe and secure, and protect our little ones from harming themselves or others. Here are a few reasons why benefits of controlled gun education may actually outweigh the cons.

Analyze Effectiveness of Education

Gun rights activists oppose gun safety education because the entire learning is based on the premise that a gun is something to be feared.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) – supported …Read the Rest

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