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By Patrick Roberts

U.S.A.-( One of the small pleasures that I enjoy when going to the range or the in-law’s place in the boonies is taking some time to unwind with a lever action. Often I take my Henry Frontier .22lr lever-gun or the Henry .357 Mag / .38 Special lever-gun with me to end the shooting day on a pleasurable note. Something about the uncomplicated experience that puts my mind at ease and relaxes me after a long day at the range trying to make every shot count.

Note: The slight rust speckles on the rifle are entirely my fault. While at the in-laws I left the rifle in a soft case under my locked Diamondback tonneau cover not thinking about how humid it was. Had the rifle been oiled or kept in a place that was not 95% humidity, it would have been fine.

The light speckling of rust was totally my fault for leaving it under my Diamondback cover in extremely humid weather.

Features & First Impressions

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