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By Tom Knighton

When you’re giving guns away, you can’t expect the mainstream media to give you a lot of attention. If you get a story from a lot of media outlets about it, it’s not likely to be unbiased. Instead, it’ll be all “look at this man, trying to arm just anyone!”

Of course, Robert Bertrand, the mind behind Help 50, which seeks to arm 50 women in Illinois with shotguns, isn’t arming just anyone. He’s fully complying with state and federal law. He’s just raising the money to pay for the guns. That’s it.

And it’s good to see him get a little press in the state that’s fairly unbiased.

A Mt. Vernon man is giving away free guns to those who meet his requirements: pass the “babysitter test,” have a FOID card and be a woman.

Robert Bertrand started Help 50 to give interested women a pump-action shotgun after a background check.

“Especially in Mt. Vernon, some areas are kind of rough. A lot of people are worried about burglars in the middle of the night,” Bertrand told the BND.

Bertrand, who says he’s “not a gun person,” partly modeled the program after a now-defunct program in …Read the Rest

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