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By CN Staff

hawaii LEOSA

By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG

The Hawaii attorney general has released a new guideline and in their legal opinion, they state that unless out-of-state law enforcement officers and agents are on official business within the state, they cannot carry a concealed firearm.


Whether you agree with the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act federal law allows currently sworn or retired law enforcement officers to carry nationwide even, if the state or territory they are carrying in doesn’t allow it for the masses. The state of Hawaii is, in effect, saying that federal law doesn’t apply in the 50th state.

Additionally, there is even some confusion as to when an out-of-state cop is on duty. Since Hawaii doesn’t believe that LEOSA supersede state law, on-duty out-of-state officers need to comply with state law in order to carry their guns in Hawaii. If an on-duty officer is in possession of a gun in the state for more than five days, they are required to register their gun with the chief of police in the county in which they are staying.

They also may not possess a magazine that …Read the Rest

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